Need help selecting furniture?

We already did the hard work for you. We have examined hundreds of Office furniture manufacturers and selected manufacturers that can provide outstanding quality and still provide exceptional value. Don't be fooled by low cost manufacturers, all our new inventory has undergone extensive testing in a commercial setting where it performed excellently. Many low cost manufacturers cut corners to save money and their products will not function for long in a commercial setting.

Case Goods "Desks, Credenzas, Hutches Etc.

Selecting a desk from the multitude of choices doesn't need to be a daunting task. Understanding a few fundamentals of desk construction can guide you to purchasing the right product for your needs.

While subtle differences exist within each class of products, the basic groups can be described in 4 categories:


Type of Construction
Place of Purchase


Pressed Board Paper Laminate

Price: $100 - $400

1. Delivered "flat" hours of assembly required 2. Will become unstable after moving 3. Plastic /Teflon drawer glides

Sauder, Bush, Office Depot

Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, SAMs, Walmart


Commercial Laminates

Price: $500 - $800

1. Delivered prebuilt, or knocked down for transportation 2. Durable top resistant to most chemicals and all cleaners 3. Drawers capable of hold 150 lbs. of weight.

Office Source, HON, Global

Direct from manufacturer retailers such as Just Office Furniture



Price: $800 - $1400

1. Fully assembled in the factory to gaurentee quality assurance 2. Made of real select hardwoods such as Cherry, Oak, and Mahagony 3. Protective finished to hold up in a commercial environment

Florense, Global, HON, DMI, National

Direct from manufacturer retailers such as Just Office Furniture


Custom Made

Price: TBD

1. Unlimited sizes configurations and finishes 2. Long lasting built in custom features 3. Ideal of unusal size spaces or an unique look or style 4. Typically made of solid hardwoods

MHS Solutions

Call Just Office Furniture for more details.


Desk Chairs:

Selecting a comfortable ergonomic chair is like picking out shoes. The general rule is what is good for one probably will not fit another. Each chair offers many different features and molded contours. It is our recommendation that, to ensure maximum comfort while sitting in a chair for 6+ hours a day, you visit our showroom where we have a large variety of chair options. Like shopping for you shoes, it is recommended that you sit in each chair and find one that is comfortable for your body type and size.

We understand that chairs often cannot be found in a few minutes so we encourage you to take a chair and try it out for a week or two and if it is not for you we will gladly exchange it for a different one until you find what style suits you.

Here are some key features you should look for in a desk chair:

Adjustable Height - A chair should be able to adjust up and down so that the user's feet rest flat on the floor and pressure is relived from behind the knee and thigh.
Cushion - The seat should be firm, comfortable and made of commercial grade foam. It is also recommended that you look at cushioned seats but not "mesh seats." They typically do not provide adequate cushion as a seat.
Back support - The back rest should have adequate lumbar support or adjustable lumbar support. The neck/upper back support should not put pressure on the should blades, if it does consider a higher or shorter back rest.
Tilt - A chair that tilt is not only more enjoyable but encourages the user to recline briefly through out the day reducing fatigue and encouraging proper posture.
Arm Rests - Arm rests are available in most chair models. The arms should be height adjustable and width adjustable to accommodate different sized users.
Structural Stability - If a chair is not constructed well, not only will the foam and fabric wear quickly but internal screws and joints will loosen, making an unstable sitting environment. This can pose risks to the user's health aside from being an uncomfortable inconvenience.
Mobility - A good chair will provide 360 degree mobility allowing a user to easily access their entire work surface with out having to stand up or slide off their chair, facilitating increased productivity.

Guest Chairs:

Guest chairs are often the chairs on the receiving end of a desk or in a reception area. The often have fixed legs and are covered in fabric. Most guests will only use these chairs for short periods of time, typically 10 to 20 minutes. For this reason, they are designed to accomodate many different body types.

How to improve your company image:

Whether you are a bank or an construction manager, most offices will use guest chairs. If you meet with clients, have a reception area or waiting room, it is very important to make a good impression. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Guest chairs that match or compliment your reception area will dramatically improve the overall image to your clients. All guest chairs should be structurally sound and comfortable, if they are worn or breaking replace them right away. Nothing could be worse to your image than having worn furniture in a reception area. If you need to increase warmth and comfort in an office, consider wood framed chairs. For a sleeker contemporary or industrial look consider metal framed chairs.

If you need help selecting reception seating or designing a warm inviting reception area, give us a call. We have years of experience and would love to help you.